Who we are

Jumars Seeds Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of seeds.

Jumars Seeds is an International Seed Company grouping a skilled independent plant breeders to combine their expertise, efforts and genetic materials to build a unique seed company.

We have product development as tomatoes greenhouse and open field, mini cucumbers, and other alpha bet, seedless watermelon eggplant Parthenocarpic (seedless) and melons of various kinds.

All this is possible thanks to:

• The diverse forces under one umbrella representing the interests of the geneticists who have joined the project.

• The production of a catalog of plant varieties result of the great personal effort of each geneticist.

• The vast experience gathering into the project, that adding the personal resume of each geneticist accumulates more than 100 years of breeding work.

• The international nature of the project, composed by geneticist of diverse and multicultural origin.