Genetics offers a broad and dynamic catalog of plant varieties through the material constant contribution from its partners and associates breeders.

Our company develop hybrid plants direrentes the high standards of professional markets. Every year we get new plant varieties from the personal work of our breeders.

In this section of our website you can find hybrid varieties of vegetables and open field crops we offer.

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Pepper Pepper

JU-PE111 JU-PE111 Orange blocky pepper, High yield, Strong Plant, Fruit size: L-XL, Fruit weight : 190-220 gr. Good shelf life. Recommended for Greenhouse, Tunnel and open fields; Sowing time: Early Autom. JU-PE112 JU-PE112 Blocky Yellow Pepper, fruits are very well shaped, the fruit can be picked easily, Very vigorous plant, very good setting in hot conditions, fruit without cracking.
JU-PE113 JU-PE113 Yellow blocky type variety, High yield, Strong vigorous plant, Fruit size: L-XL, Average fruit weight: 200-220 gr. Thick fruit Walls, Recommended for greenhouse, tunnel and outdoor. Good setting at low temperature; Adapted to various environmental conditions. Easy to harvest. JU-PE114 JU-PE114 Red blocky type variety, high yield, very consistent, strong plant, fruit size: L-XL, average fruit weight: 180-220 gr. Thick fruit walls, recommended for greenhouse, tunnel and outdoor, excellent shelf life, good setting at low temperature, easy to harvest.
JU-PE126 JU-PE126 Hybrid mini blocky peppers, yellow at maturity or weight of approximately 60-80 gr. Very productive and attractive. JU-PE127 JU-PE127 Hybrid mini blocky peppers, red at maturity or weight of approximately 60-80 gr. Very productive and attractive.
JU-PE128 JU-PE128 Mini blocky hybrid pepper, colour: violet, weight: approximately 60-80 grs, very productive and attractive JU-PE145 JU-PE145 Red blocky, good for autumn, high yield potencial, exceptionally sweet, good color, good productivity.
JU-PE154 JU-PE154 Habanero op. Texture: shriveled fruit. Color: from dark green to orange salmon. Taste: Very spicy, good performance. Measure the fruit: approximately 2 inches long and a little less wide. JU-PE175 JU-PE175 Yellow blocky, high yield, strong vigorous plant, thick fruit walls, good setting at low temperature, for long cicle, adapted to various environmental conditions, easy to harvest, average weight 230 gr. Fruit without cracking.
JU-PE189 JU-PE189 Mini sweet pepper, 15-25 gr. Cone shape, yellow color. JU-PE190 JU-PE190 Mini sweet pepper, 15-25 gr. cone shape, red color.
JU-PE195 JU-PE195 Fresh market jalapeno type; very large fruit size (good fruit size & length), dark green immature fruit color, smooth, shiny, mild (possibly variable) in heat, very good firmness, good wall thickness; great yield potential. PE230 PE230 Hot pepper type, approximate diameter 5cm. Plant habit: vigorous, indeterminate plant. Color: green to red, size 150 gr. Long 28 cm. Greenhouse-open field.

Squash Squash

Tomato Tomato

JU-TO211 JU-TO211 Roma type, saladette cluster indeterminate, firm and strong vigor plant, 180gr. for summer season, JU-TO328 JU-TO328 Cherry mini-plum indeterminate, grape shape, red color, 15-20 gr. Good taste.
JU-TO364 JU-TO364 Chocolate Round indeterminate tomato short range of Internodes and very homogeneous productive branches, ideal for single and cluster harvesting. Fruit with a size between 80/120 gr. and a diameter of about 50 to 60 mm. and a color between dark brown and darck green. It's authentic and intense flavor. JU-TO377 F1 OG. JU-TO377 F1 OG. Organic (F1) Tomato. Vigorous plants produce high yields of uniform, vivid red fruits with ideal cherry size (15-20 gm.) for harvest and snacking. Classic cherry tomato flavor - firm, sweet, and well-balanced. Indeterminate.
JU-TO378 F1 OG. JU-TO378 F1 OG. Organic (F1) Tomato. Unique, orange cocktail-sized tomato. Clementine's small, uniform, oval-round fruits avg. 55 gr. Plants produce high yields with appealing, sweet-tart flavor. Beautiful tangerine color. Can be picked to ripen when shoulders are green. Indeterminate. JU-TO379 OG. JU-TO379 OG. Organic Tomato. Yellow tomatoes - early, prolific. Meaty,110-170 gr. Baseball-sized, lemon-yellow tomatoes. Smooth, blemish-free globes with a small stem scar. Attractive, sweet-flavored, and easy to grow. Concentrated early set. Compact, dark green vine. Widely adapted. Determinate.
JU-TO380 F1 OG. JU-TO380 F1 OG. Organic (F1) Tomato. Small, deep red cherry. Round, 7-10 gm. fruits are crack resistant, borne on small trusses, and store on the plant well, resisting cracking and rot. The texture is pleasantly chewy, and the flavor is sweet and rich. Plants are extra vigorous and tall, staying healthy for a long picking period. Indeterminate. JU-TO408 JU-TO408 Cherry indeterminate, red-brown color, for all year, brix 7%.
JU-TO413 JU-TO413 Cherry indeterminate, fruit color: chocolate, oval shape. Brix: 9%, good disease resistance, good cracking resistance, good firm-ness. Short cluster. JU-TO591 JU-TO591 Large beef pink tomato, long shelf life, no cracking, strong and vigorous plant. Indeterminate, round, size: 180-210 gr.
Tigris Tigris Variety zebra type with short internodes and very productive, very homogeneous fruit size during all the crop with a perfect relationship between brix and acidity. Very sweet and palatable. TM373 TM373 Pink tomato, indeterminated, 260 gr. Round shape. Bigger fruits, very good for spring, 2-5 cluster frutes could be mature and harvest at same time.

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